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Rules of the room

He stands in the middle of the room, his arms by his sides, head bowed. He observes the point where the three lines defining the space converge. The axis of his body, at times slightly deflected, constantly aligns itself with the ideal position of the line defined by the two converging walls. Occasionally he shifts his weight from one leg to the other. He gradually ceases reminiscing on the space behind him. The type of silence that fills the room, which he has passed through only on his way to the corner, betrays the size of that room. But now another person enters the room. He does not alter his position even for a moment. It seems that, at the moment of hesitation as to whether to continue paying attention and not deviate from the axis determined by the layout of the room, or to observe naturally the action behind him, the person always gives priority to the rules of the room.
He does not turn his head. He tries not to forget the tasks focussed on the position of his body in relation to the geometry of the room. The presence of the other in the room rather fixes his attention on the surface of his back. It is not hearing, nor even sense of touch, but rather a conjunction of all the senses that enables him to estimate the position of the other in the room at any given moment. More than once a decision happens in his body: a decision to set out towards the neighbouring corner on the right. Slowly, he touches the right wall of the corner with his belly and hands and prepares to set out…
can you please move to the next corner…?
ahem the right one

Who could it be? He again stands in the corner of the room, eyes fixed on the point where the three lines defining the space converge. Who could it be, a woman, a man? A tall person? Someone who defied the categorisation that will be heard in the subsequent seconds. Someone thoughtful? A smoker? Someone who does not eat fish? A man who grew up without a sister? Someone who is impatient because he has forgotten to withdraw money from an ATM and cannot buy a coffee? Someone who doesn’t like to be photographed? Someone he has seen before? Someone he has seen before from a great distance and whose body resembled a point among many other points? Someone who is not lying down at the moment? A left-handed person? A person whose surname is Man or its equivalent in various languages. A person whose outward appearance can be described in a single word, for example blond, deadpan, office worker, dustman, chair, tallmanwithlonggreyhair. Someone who would think that no one has yet mentioned him? An etatist? Someone who is not looking in his direction right now. Someone who has not yet been captured by a camera lens (improbable). Someone who constantly confuses left and right? Someone that he cannot describe, but remembers? Silence… the person is not here anymore? Silence, interrupted by the sound of clothing rubbing against the wall. He moves [Let us move] again to the next corner.

And what is the space behind him? From his position in the corner of the room, arms by his side, head bowed, it is as if he observes the point where those three lines meet. So, it can be said that, from his position with his back to the room, it must be a clearly defined, neutral space. If you like, it could also be a space with the base of a triangle, but it should not occur to anyone by any chance to specify that triangle further. Equilateral. Grey. Soft cheese. All of these are wrong. It must be simply: a triangle. It is for this that the figure, the human body, is here, to bring disharmony into the ideal world of three corners. Shit, this room does not have the shape of a triangle, though. After all, it has four corners. Or is it that we find ourselves in a space that is not ideal? Please, do not look around.
And because from the position in the corner little can be seen, it is better to move along the circumference of the entire room, i.e. to move to the next corner…

And what about the fourth corner? Why did you leave it out? Or were you afraid? Did something happen in that corner? What, something? Was someone there? And what happened? Did you hear something? Something real? But then it almost didn’t happen. The course of such an event is rarely limited to a mere moment, and at the moment that we try to remember it, they become something other than what they had been originally. Or did it remind you of a story that you had already heard about? And didn’t it begin like this?:
He stands in the middle of the room …loop